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This is stat class made simple.

Welcome to statmagic, a statistics calculator app. With 11 unique calculators, memorable example problems, and help content developed from years of one-on-one tutoring, statmagic will help you learn — and get your homework done — faster.

Looking to learn stats from the ground up? Watch our introductory statistics video series.

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Features Included:

Every one of statmagic's calculators validates your inputs, to help you prevent simple mistakes. You can also choose your final answers' rounding.

Automatic Dataset Import (iOS PRO Only)

An exceedingly easy dataset import feature. Just open a spreadsheet in a spreadsheet app, copy the data onto your device's clipboard, and statmagic PRO can read it! Statmagic PRO can then help you select the correct test for your 1-sample, 2-sample, or paired data.

Descriptive Stats Screenshot

Descriptive Statistics

The basics. Count, sum, min and max, mean, median, quartiles, variance, and standard deviation. Learn more.

Descriptive Stats Screenshot

The Normal Distribution

Calculate Z or T scores and probabilities on the normal distribution, for a random individual (x), or even a random sample mean (x-bar). Learn more.

Normal Distribution Screenshot

Hypothesis Testing

Individual calculators for:

Every calculator returns the 'reject Ho?' conclusion, p-value, critical test value, test score, standard error, and confidence interval.

The tests of mean also feature automatic graphics, so you can visualize what's going on.

Test of Mean Screenshot

Confidence Intervals

Create confidence intervals for means or proportions at different levels of confidence.

Learn more about CIs of a mean or CIs of a proportion.

Confidence Interval Screenshot


Enter an x-y paired dataset, and this calculator automatically generates the scatterplot (and marks outliers (according to the 1.5 x IQR method)). Calculate, and it draws regression line and shows the "y = a + bx" formula.

It also returns r and R², F, RMSE, and SE, T and the p-value of the slope. Finally, you use the regression model to make a prediction: enter a chosen x* value, and this calculator returns (and plots) the predicted y-hat value (PRO only). Learn more.

Regression Test Screenshot

Chi-Squared (PRO only)

Run a Chi-squared test on up to a 7x7 table. Easily toggle between the table's observed, expected, and Chi-squared values. Returns the 'reject Ho?' conclusion, p-value, Chi-square test value, and critical Chi-square value (with degrees of freedom). Learn more.

Chi-Squared Screenshot

Minimum N

Calculate the required minimum sample size n for a given confidence level. Learn more.

Minimum N Interval Screenshot